Project Management and Consulting

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Landscape Management

As a result of the completion of the landscape planning and design processes, it is time to implement the landscape project. At this stage, all data is collected and a path to be followed within the field conditions is determined.

- Examining the current conditions of the land and planning the transition phase from design to implementation.
- Using the existing materials (living and non-living) in the project to give the best effect.
- To ensure that the product material and color quality, to create good combinations, to deliver the products to the field in a healthy way, to give the best effect on the project with the quality of workmanship to be made in the field.

The current conditions of the land, the best supply and use of living and non-living materials used in the design, good workmanship are controlled throughout this process.


It is the part requested for control purposes at the beginning, progress and end of the project. This can include product selection support and quality. Consultancy service is provided according to what is requested.