Landscape License Projects

Information Form.

It refers to the project to be requested by the relevant administration, based on ecological, natural and cultural data for open and green spaces, prepared and signed by Landscape Architects, according to the characteristics of the settlement and structure.

A landscape permit project is a process by which documents required for a landscape project are collected and reviewed. This project involves obtaining legal permission for the work to be done at a location related to landscape design, construction and maintenance.

The Landscape License Project includes the documents required to obtain the necessary permits for the landscape design and works. These documents show where the project will be done, what design will be used and how the work will be done.

For the landscaping license permit of the building projects at the license stage in the municipalities, a landscape permit project in accordance with the building inspection must be drawn by the Lnadscape Architects with the Office Registration Certificate (BTB).

Our company is affiliated to the Chamber of Landscape Architects Headquarters and its Office Registration Certificate is renewed regularly every year.